Our Guarantee

Making your campaign successful will require close collaboration between you, your team and your iHeartMedia Account Executive. Your Account Executive will be your main point of contact regarding all matters of your campaign execution.

Specifically, we promise to:

  • Give you access to iHeartMedia‚Äôs Award Winning iHeartMedia Creative Studios. iHM Creative Studio is a team of professional producers and copywriters available to all clients at no charge.
  • Not go live with your commercial or digital assets without prior approval. We will make sure that you and your team are involved in the commercial approval process.
  • Communicate your commercial times in advance along with sending screenshots of all digital elements.
  • Set up face to face meetings with our DJs if your campaign includes Live Reads/Endorsements. You will have the opportunity to discuss goals and strategy so your brand ambassador fully understands your media campaign.
  • Give you access to the iHeartMedia Digital Team. Our graphic designers will customize your digital creative including mobile, web and social media.
  • Do our best to over-deliver the number of ad impressions that were originally agreed upon if inventory allows.
  • Summarize your campaign with a detailed recap. Your Account Executive will meet with you and your team to determine successes and identify areas we can service you better moving forward.